What are the Best Foods You Can Eat For Healthy Teeth

We at Kiefer Family Dental have always said that taking care of your teeth isn’t difficult. In fact, did you know that you can even help clean your teeth while you eat? According to the American Dental Association, healthy eating patterns and food choices can help prevent tooth decay. Does Food Impact My Teeth? Eating […]

Seven Tips to Keeping Gums Healthy

Kiefer Family Dental will be the first to tell you that practicing good oral hygiene is the most important action that a person can take to preventing and treating gum disease. Most tend to overlook their gums when it comes to oral health. The focus is typically on getting a bright, white smile instead. However, […]

Seven Ways to Improve Family Dental Health in 2021

Bringing in 2021, this new year is the perfect time to start with fresh new dental habits that can help improve yours, and you family’s dental (and overall) health. To help usher in 2021, the ADA (American Dental Association) offers seven recommendations for improving your family’s dental health routine: 1) – Brush two times a […]