Five Frequently Asked Questions for Your Evansville, Indiana Dentist

At Kiefer Family Dental, Dr. Adam Kiefer gets asked many questions from his patients. He loves being able to let patients know how important dental health is, with facts and tips. Listed below are six frequently asked questions he gets asked most often. 1 – Should I Go to the Dentist Regularly? Of course, you […]

Kiefer Family Dental Gives Five Tips to Help Prevent Cavities

Kiefer Family Dental sees plenty of patients that have one common problem. That problem is cavities. Cavities, which are also referred to as tooth decay can occur at any time. And while kids are more susceptible to developing cavities because of poor dental hygiene, adults can just as easily develop tooth decay. When a cavity is […]

In Evansville, Indiana, Kiefer Family Dental is Your Family Dentist

Welcome to the Kiefer Family Dental website and the dental practice directed by Dr. Adam Kiefer. You can use this site to learn about our hometown Evansville, Indiana dentist and all the services and procedures offered. Kiefer Family Dental has been fixing smiles and cleaning teeth since December of 2020. Whatever your dental needs are, […]

The Questions That Surround Wisdom Teeth Removal

Did you know that more than five million Americans, between the ages of 17 and 25, will have their wisdom teeth removed to prevent or address teeth crowding or pain? Kiefer Family Dental is here to remove any and all of your wisdom teeth that are causing oral complications. For now, let us answer some […]

Dental Treatments Cut Risk of Premature Births

As you know, getting regular dental treatments at Kiefer Family Dental is very important for your oral health. But what some, in fact many didn’t know was that pregnant women with untreated gum inflammation are far more likely to have preterm deliveries, or give birth to babies with low weight. New research from the University […]

Dentists Agree You Should Avoid These Six Foods

Kiefer Family Dental not only helps take care of your teeth and gums through dental actions, but Kiefer also offers many dental services as well. The blog on Kiefer is here to give good dental advice. In this blog right here, we will explain that there are six foods that we, as well as many […]

How Important is Preventive Dentistry?

One way to have optimum oral health is to do as many things that one can before any dental problems arise. These problems sometimes are inevitable due to the things we eat, aging, and what kind of brushing/flossing routines we keep. Kiefer Family Dental wants to let you know that preventive dentistry is a big […]

Now There is a Tropicana Toothpaste

We all know how important toothpaste is. Kiefer Family Dental has explained in many blog posts that toothpaste not only cleans your teeth but it also helps to fortify your enamel and remove plaque. There are many choices of toothpaste out there. Many different companies make a variety of kinds. Some of them are for […]

Your First Dental Appointment at Kiefer Family Dental

Scheduling regular dental visits with Kiefer Family Dental will help to avoid dental health issues, then diagnose and treat any conditions. It is important to be prepared when going to the dentist for the first time, whether you are experiencing dental pain, changing dentists, or it’s time for your checkup.   Your First Appointment At […]