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simple and surgical extractions

Simple Extraction

Simple extractions are used to remove teeth that can be seen and easily accessible, whereas surgical dental extractions typically requires an incision into the connective tissue to gain access to the tooth to be removed. Simple extractions are relatively easy procedures that can be performed by your dentist in the office, requiring little to no major recovery time. Simple extraction is generally a quick procedure, and often multiple teeth can be removed at once if they need to be.

Surgical Extraction

Sometimes teeth are broken, leaving only the root intact. Other times—like with most wisdom teeth removal—the tooth simply hasn’t erupted yet. This is when surgical extraction will be the best option for having it removed. Typically, a specialist known as an oral maxillofacial surgeon will perform your procedure, although some dentists are also trained to do so. Generally, surgical extraction can be performed with a local anesthetic, but sometimes general anesthesia is applied to make the process easier for patient and doctor. Surgical extractions generally involve a more diligent aftercare routine in the days following your procedure.