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Dentist on Tik Tok Explains Mouthwash Use After Brushing

People use Tik Tok to entertain themselves. Some people actually get valuable information from Tik Tok as well. A dentist has confused many  TikTok viewers after revealing that the majority of people are using mouthwash incorrectly.

Dr. Anna Peterson is a London-based dentist that told her 20,000 followers that using mouthwash after brushing your teeth is going to give you tooth decay. The TikTok post has been watched almost 3 million times, with people seemingly more confused than ever in the comments. But it seems like they were missing the point. She isn’t against rinsing with mouthwash. Just don’t do so right after brushing.

Dr. Peterson says in the video to stop rinsing after brushing. She points out that the toothpaste that you brush your teeth with has around 1,450pp fluoride. Mouthwash only has 220pp fluoride. When you brush your teeth and you rinse with mouthwash right away, you just rinse off all the high concentration fluoride. The mouthwash has a much lower concentration of fluoride, and it’s not enough to protect your teeth from the sugars that you eat and drink.

The only time you should use mouthwash after brushing is if you wait 20 to 30 minutes Dr. Peterson clarified in the comments.

It’s rare these professionals go viral for debunking things people were raised to believe are true. For example, another dentist, Dr. Gao, went viral on TikTok for telling people that we’ve been using the wrong amount of toothpaste this whole time.

That’s why there was a lot of skepticism in Dr. Peterson’s comments.

But the doc was correct and people made a rush to judgment. So feel free to use mouthwash. Just don’t use it immediately after brushing. This is why it is called mouth – wash. It washes out the mouth. In this case it washes away the fluoride that the toothpaste provided.

We at Kiefer Family Dental hope that learning about this viral story was helpful. The office of Kiefer Family Dental provides the best in modern dentistry for individuals and families including solving all dental issues you may encounter.

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