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Dentures 101: What are Your Choices

The bad news is, that for whatever reason, you now need dentures. The good news is, is that Kiefer Family Dental can help fit you for whatever type of dentures that you may need. There are four different styles of dentures. But first, let’s ask, what exactly are dentures? And what do they do?

Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are formed to your mouth and created by the dentist to replace lost teeth or teeth that have been removed. Dentures can either be full or partial, meaning they can either replace all teeth on either the top or bottom gum line or just a few that are missing. Regardless of what kind of dentures you may need, they will be custom designed to fit your mouth and visually matched to your existing teeth.


Here are the four types of dentures that Kiefer Family Dental will fit you with:

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are a kind of full and partial dentures that differ from traditional permanent dentures. These dentures are created before the teeth that are being replaced with dentures have been removed and are used immediately after tooth extraction and during the healing process, which can be up to six months long. These dentures are typically more easily refitted than permanent dentures.

They help in accommodating for mouth changes as the swelling in the gums and jaw subsides while healing. The immediate dentures will be disposed of once the healing process is complete and your mouth is ready for permanent dentures.


Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are prosthetics that basically serve as false teeth.  They can take the place of some (partial) or all (complete) teeth. Dentures support facial muscles, tissues of the mouth and functions like chewing and talking. People become edentulous for many reasons, when this occurs dentures should be considered as a viable replacement.

Traditional dentures have been a preferred choice for dental patients for many decades. They can help a patient who has lost all of their teeth to regain a cosmetic smile and functionality associated with eating and speaking. Traditional dentures offer an affordable alternative to other teeth replacement options.


Snap-In Dentures

There are several benefits associated with snap-in dentures when compared with traditional dentures. Snap-in dentures are more stable than traditional dentures, which are made to be removed daily. Snap-Ins are less likely to become loose while speaking.

Snap-in dentures improve chewing ability. People are able to eat harder and stickier foods. Compared with traditional dentures, snap-in dentures tend to fit better and are more comfortable. There is less friction on the gums as a result of wearing snap-in dentures.


Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are often used instead of other tooth replacement methods when the surrounding natural teeth are not strong enough to support structures such as dental bridges, or when more than one or two teeth are missing.

The partial dentures are fitted to the part of the gum line that they will sit on and fasten to nearby natural teeth to keep from falling out of place. They are not permanently fastened, however, and can be easily taken out at any time for cleaning and while sleeping.


We at Kiefer Family Dental hope that the information about dentures was helpful. The office of Kiefer Family Dental provides the best in modern dentistry for individuals and families including solving all dental issues you may encounter.

Our highly-qualified dentists and gentle hygienists work hard to combine knowledge and skill with the latest in technology to give our patients the best possible dental outcomes. With services ranging from periodontal therapy, oral surgery. dental implants, dentures and even being set up for Invisalign clear braces, Kiefer Family Dental is your Evansville, Indiana A+ dental choice. Call (812) 424-9506 or use the website to book an appointment online.

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