Eating These Three Foods Will Aid in Oral Health

We here at Kiefer Family Dental want our clients and patients to have healthy teeth. We can provide good advice even though we only see you for few minutes during the year. And while having healthy teeth means you visit your dentist regularly for oral health care and maintenance, the overall health of your mouth […]

Do You Need a Root Canal

We at Kiefer Family Dental offer many different procedures. And while we have so many different ways to take care of your dental health, one of the most common that we perform are root canals. So you may be wondering, what exactly is a root canal?   First, keep in mind that there is no […]

According to Experts…The Seven Worst Things For Your Oral Health

Kiefer Family Dental wants to remind all, that your mouth is not a trash compactor. You should not put anything in your mouth that you didn’t intend to swallow because chances are good that you’ll end up swallowing it. This comes right from doctors who’ve had to extract all sorts of inedibles that people have […]