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Wow! People in England Face 3-Year Waits for Dental Appointments

In the country of England, people are being told to wait until 2024, yes 2024, for their dentist appointments, while others are being removed entirely for not making appointments sooner. This according to a damning report into the state of dentistry. We can assure you that you will never have to wait for services at Kiefer Family Dental, like they are in England.

Dental surgeries in England have reported that they have thousands of people on their waiting lists, while patients are unable to access care after ringing round numerous dental surgeries.

Why the Delays?

The delays have resulted in more painful symptoms and in one instance even led to a patient needing hospital treatment after overdosing on painkillers.

Many practices appear to be prioritizing private care.


Healthwatch England’s latest report on the state of dentistry shows a number of issues including:

  • People removed from the practice list for not making their appointment sooner.
  • Repeated canceled appointments midway through treatment.
  • Dentists have reported that they have thousands of people on their waiting lists, with some patients claiming they are unable to even get on a waiting list.
  • Dentists shutting down or going completely private.
  • Patients being asked to wait up to three years for appointments.
  • Some who called NHS 111 seeking emergency dental care were told to “use saltwater” and carry on calling practices until they could find help.
  • Other patients have been told to use DIY filling kits while they wait for an appointment.
  • People being increasingly prescribed antibiotics with no prospect of a follow-up appointment to actually treat the problem.


Healthwatch England conducted a review of 1,375 people’s experiences and found that some people had been asked to wait for three years for an NHS dentist appointment, but were told that private care could be available within a week.

The watchdog warned that even when people can get access to dental care on the health service, (61%) of people deem treatment too expensive. Healthwatch England has called on the government to speed up reforms of NHS dentistry to avoid harm to people’s health.

We at Kiefer Family Dental hope that the information about what is going on in England with their public dentistry situation was informative. The office of Kiefer Family Dental provides the best in modern dentistry for individuals and families including solving all dental issues you may encounter. You will not have to wait for months.

Our highly qualified dentists and gentle hygienists work hard to combine knowledge and skill with the latest in technology to give our patients the best possible dental outcomes. With services ranging from periodontal therapy, oral surgery. dental implants, dentures and even being set up for Invisalign clear braces, Kiefer Family Dental is your Evansville, Indiana A+ dental choice. Call (812) 424-9506 or use the website to book an appointment online.

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