How to Treat Children With Dental Emergencies

We have learned here at Kiefer Family Dental that sometimes there are dental emergencies that must be taken care of immediately. This is especially true when it comes to emergencies involving children. Kids like to play and rough-house and it is actually quite common that they wind up having some sort of dental emergency. We […]

Pay Attention To These Three Common Dental Problems

Part of taking care of your oral health is looking out for common dental problems and getting the proper treatment when they arise. Kiefer Family Dental is here to advise of some common dental problems, and what you can do about them.   1 – Bad breath Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is one […]

Seven Ways to Improve Family Dental Health in 2021

Bringing in 2021, this new year is the perfect time to start with fresh new dental habits that can help improve yours, and you family’s dental (and overall) health. To help usher in 2021, the ADA (American Dental Association) offers seven recommendations for improving your family’s dental health routine: 1) – Brush two times a […]